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Our Referral List

Our contracted employers have agreed to give preference in hiring to those referred to them by IATSE Local 796. Expressly for this purpose, this local creates and maintains a list of qualified freelance technicians, regularly updated, and presented to contract employers. Having your name placed on our list does not guarantee you any work. A referral fee of 1% of gross contract earnings is charged to all referents and must be paid to Local 796 to remain on the referral list. This referral fee is separate from any union dues and does not entitle you to any union status. Union membership is a separate process handled with a different application. Because we are in a right-to-work state, you cannot be denied a position on our referral list based on union membership.

There is no requirement to pay a referral fee. Anyone may choose not to be on our referral list. It is important to understand that inclusion on the IATSE 796 referral list is not mandatory for employment by contracted employers. However, contracted employers have agreed to give preference in their hiring to those listed (referred) on our referral list. For individuals seeking regular employment from our contracted employers, we recommend inclusion on our referral list. However, it is every freelancer's choice to have his name included on our list or not.

A charge of 1% of gross wages earned while working under the contract is charged to each referent to remain on the referral list. This referral fee is a continuing financial obligation that is charged to all freelancers on the referral list. It is based upon the costs to the union to maintain and administer the referral process. No portion of the referral fee may be used for anything that benefits union members differentially from non-members, nor may the referral fee be used to fund any other state, regional, or national AFL-CIO organization.

There are rules that you must adhere to have your name remain on our list. They are spelled out in our Referral Rules. Please read this document carefully and become familiar with the terms listed.

If you would like to be listed on the IATSE 796 Referral List directly you should first be hired by one of our contracted employers. (Presently FSN, MTVG, Alliance, PCS and LDM) Your name will then be sent to our Secretary/Treasurer as a new hire. Once you have worked for a company under our contract, and your performance was deemed acceptable by the employer, contact our Business Agent at businessagent@iatse796.org and request an application. Once we receive your application, the $40.00 application fee, and a signed withholding form to have the 1% fee withheld from your check, your name is promptly placed on our referral list. We will provide a withholding form to you. If you choose the withholding option, you will not have to worry about remaining in good status on the referral list.

Without having worked for any of our contracted employers you may still contact our Business Agent directly for an application, but understand it will be much more difficult to have your name placed on our referral list. As part of the application process you will be vetted. You may receive a phone call from the IATSE during the vetting process. This entire investigative process could take about three weeks or more. If you are accepted, you will be notified and your name will be forwarded to employers as an addition to the IATSE 796 referral list. If your application is denied, you will be informed of such, but your application fee of $40.00 will not be refunded.

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