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Welcome To IATSE Local 796

IATSE Local 796 came into existence in December 2000 as a handful of freelance television technicians tried to find a way to obtain affordable health insurance and retirement benefits. Their search led them to the IATSE (International Association of Theatrical and Stage Employees.) IATSE Local 796 has contracts with LDM Worldwide, Mobile TV Group, Fox Sports SW, PCS Productions, Program Productions, and Alliance Productions. IATSE 796 provides a conduit for hundreds of Texas television technicians to obtain health insurance, life insurance, pension plans and other benefits. IATSE contracts also include annual pay raises averaging more than 2.5% annually, workplace protection, and representation for those employees who need it. We encourage all dedicated television professionals who want a say in the policies and practices of the Union to investigate IATSE membership.

IATSE Response to COVID-19

With regards to the COVID-19 virus, the safety and well-being of our members and their families is our number one priority. The International’s Disaster Response Committee is closely following the most up-to-date guidance and information as provided by the Center for Disease Control, The Public Health Agency of Canada, and the World Health Organization, and will continue to relay that information to Local Officers and members. Additionally, we are in constant contact with our health plans and local health care centers to ensure the health and safety of our communities. We are working with employers across all sectors of the Entertainment Industry on policies that will help prevent infections in our workplaces. With the variety of crafts we represent and the unique challenges that come with each in this situation, we are collaborating with our Local Unions to produce and distribute craft-specific workplace guidelines. If members have any specific workplace health safety concerns, please report it via our Safety Info App ( iOS, Play Store), or by talking to your Local Union. In addition to the obvious health concerns posed by the virus itself, fears of the virus are also wreaking havoc on the economy, and specifically the Entertainment Industry. The honest truth is that many IATSE jobs are at risk as more events and projects are cancelled. We are actively investigating all possible courses of action that can help ensure the financial stability of members who lose work as a result of the COVID-19 virus. We are also reviewing all of our contracts for any pertinent provisions (i.e. Force Maejure). Finally, we have created a Coronavirus Update Portal­ on our website. We will continue to publish helpful resources and developments about the COVID-19 virus there. In solidarity, IATSE Communications

Important Notice: IATSE 796 Referral Rules are Changing

In 2000 IATSE Local 796 was chartered. At that time we established rules for the Referral List and the referral process of which you are a part. Late in 2019 the Executive Board approved changes to those rules and those changes will take effect this year. Throughout this year you will receive notifications regarding the new rules. You may receive post card reminders, mailed letters, additional emails, text messages or phone calls. The new rules are listed below and can also be found by clicking the “Our Referral List” tab. The new rule notification has also been posted on our face book page. The IATSE 796 Referral List now has nearly 600 technicians listed and is growing. Many of these people rarely work under our contracts. Some have moved out of Texas and a few no longer work in the broadcast industry. The list has become difficult to manage, inaccurate, and difficult to navigate for our Employers. The new rules attempt to fix these problems and will require you to take action. You likely will need to submit a renewal form for the Referral List annually, during the 4th quarter, and there will be a $20 charge to do so. If you do not renew annually, your name will be removed from the list and Employers will no longer be required to give you hiring preference. If you work under our contracts, this is something you may want to avoid. Be aware that IATSE 796 Union members are not required to renew annually. Union members already renew every three months by paying quarterly union dues. If you work under our contracts, want a say in the policies and procedures of Local 796, want to support IA796 and/or want to vote in Local 796 elections, we urge you to apply for IATSE membership. Anyone can apply and by doing so you will avoid annual referral renewal requirements, support the Texas Broadcast Local and have a voice in Local 796 affairs. Therefore, in order to better manage the referral roster, insure accuracy, and meet International standards, the following rule changes will go into effect this year. (Click on "Our Referral List" tab on left)

The next general meeting of IATSE Local 796 is:

Virtual - May 19, 2020 1pm (info to be emailed)