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Welcome To IATSE Local 796

IATSE Local 796 came into existence in December 2000 as a handful of freelance television technicians tried to find a way to obtain affordable health insurance and retirement benefits. Their search led them to the IATSE (International Association of Theatrical and Stage Employees.) IATSE Local 796 has contracts with LDM Worldwide, Mobile TV Group, Fox Sports SW, PCS Productions, Program Productions, and Alliance Productions. IATSE 796 provides a conduit for hundreds of Texas television technicians to obtain health insurance, life insurance, pension plans and other benefits. IATSE contracts also include annual pay raises averaging more than 2.5% annually, workplace protection, and representation for those employees who need it. We encourage all dedicated television professionals who want a say in the policies and practices of the Union to investigate IATSE membership.


Recently XLT, the payroll arm of PPI, sent an email to TV technicians, many based in Texas, asking them to submit employment paperwork relating to work for the former FOX RSNs, for which XLT will now administer payroll. Employees of Fox Sports SW were included in that communication as part of the payroll transition to XLT. As part of that process, XLT asked employees to sign off on background checks that included motor vehicle records. We believe this was an unreasonable request because background checks are a negotiated condition of employment and in this case no such negotiation happened and no agreement was reached. After IATSE lodged a loud complaint with XLT and PPI, the Employer has since changed their position and no longer requires the background check. Going forward, we urge you to submit to XLT only those documents which relate to the payment of wages. W2 and I9 documents fall into this category. If you are told by XLT or PPI that background check documents are a requirement for employment, please report this immediately to Local 796 at businessagent@iatse796.org. We believe this transgression has been corrected but we also want to be sure that XLT/PPI will follow agreed upon rules and conditions in the future. By reporting when they do not, you can help us enforce contract compliance.

Thank you. Kevin Allen IA796 Texas Business Agent


Some have asked about how XLT will handle voluntary salary deferral retirement contributions to the NBF. Here is some information that should help: Send your requests, paperwork to:

For the locals that send in the paper forms, XLT will administrate as follows: An email confirmation will be sent to the member once process is complete.

The next general meeting of IATSE Local 796 is:

January 14, 2020 1pm

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