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The Executive Board of IATSE 796 is made up of five officers elected by the membership. There is a sixth elected officer, Sergeant-at-Arms, and 3 elected Board of Trustees, who are not part of the Executive Board. Each officer serves a term of three years. Officers are working technicians within the freelance community.

Officers serve staggered, three year terms. Nominations are accepted during 3rd Quarter General Membership meetings. Annual elections are held during the fourth quarter. Any member in good standing can run for office. Please consider the contribution you can make as an officer of Local 796.


Eric Norberg, President (Dallas)

Eric Norberg is a long-time member of IATSE 796 and has been free-lancing (mostly as a camera operator) in DFW since 1981. He was Chairman of the Board of Trustees for 3 terms before assuming the office of President in 2016. 

Kevin Allen, Vice-President (Houston)

Mr. Allen is a former video camera operator based in Houston, Texas. He is a long time member of Local 796, and now works for IATSE Broadcast.

Larry Allen, Business Representative (Dallas)

Larry is a free lance camera operator and member since 2001. He was also a former Trustee.

Susan Goree, Secretary/Treasuer (Houston)

Susan has worked with IATSE 796 for 10 years, most recently as Office Manager. She has been a member for the last 7 years.

Recording Secretary

Currently vacant

Sergeant at Arms

Currently vacant

Board of Trustees

Margaret Krausse - Houston
Scott Dailey - Dallas
Frank Arechiga - San Antonio/Austin

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