Referral Rules

All referents must keep a current e-mail address on file with the IATSE Local 796.

The 1% referral fee can be paid in either of two methods: employer payroll withholding or self-pay.

If a freelancer chooses the withholding method for payment of the referral fee, employers will deduct 1% of gross wages from all applicable paychecks and pay that amount to the local. Such technicians will remain on the IATSE Local 796 referral list until they request to be removed.

If a referent chooses the self-pay method, he/she agrees to calculate 1% of gross wages paid while working under an IATSE contracted employer and pay that amount to the IATSE Local 796. Payments are due within thirty days from the month in which the work was paid. For example, if a freelancer is paid $1,000 in November, 1% of the total amount ($10.00) must be recorded by December 30th into our bank lockbox. Self-payers will not receive an invoice from the IATSE Local 796. It is the responsibility of the self-payer to calculate the amount owed.

Failure to pay the referral fee on time may result in removal from the referral list. If a technician is delinquent in payment, he/she will be notified via email that they are in arrears for that month and subject to being removed from the referral list. An additional late fee of $50.00 will be assessed for payments received by the IATSE bank lockbox later than the due date for any and all months that payment is past due. If full payment is not received within ten days after notification, the delinquent referent will be removed from the referral list. All late payments received by the IATSE must allow a processing period of five days.

Send all payments and ONLY payments to:

IATSE Local 796 Lockbox
P.O. Box 202764
Dallas, TX 75320-2764

IATSE 796 does not read any correspondence sent to the bank lockbox address above. All correspondences must be sent to the Houston address. The Houston mailing address and any contact information can be found on our website at

Because all contracted employers have agreed to give preference of hiring to those on the referral list, removal from the referral roster may result in the loss of already booked and future contract work.